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Gate Safety

Safety of Automatic Gates is paramount. Electrogate carry out on site Risk Assessments for all installations in accordance with current recommended Health & Safety Practices.

The Following Safety items are applied by Electrogate

Current Government Health & Safety Notices

Current Government Health & Safety notices state that additional safety protection equipment should be fitted to electrically powered gates, subject to a Site Risk Assessment. (see

Site Risk Assessment

In accordance with the Government Health & Safety Notices, Electrogate surveys each gate site to make a Site Risk Assessment, and to ensure we design the gates and specify the automation and safety features required appropriately. A Site Risk Assessment takes into account the gate location, frequency of use, type of users and potential gate hazards, such as the proximity of adjacent walls and pillars.

Gate Automation Safety Devices

We specifically include wherever necessary, automation features as follows.

If any of the above devices detect an obstacle such as a child or vehicle then the gates would automatically reverse to move clear of the obstacle.

Guide Lines for Careful Use of Automatic Gates

Automated gates are heavy moving structures and they need to be treated with respect. The following rules must be adhered to in order to prevent accidents during operation.

Ensure your gates are Serviced at regular intervals

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