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Automation Equipment

Automatic Gates

Electrogate supply and install complete automatic gate solutions. We can also automate your existing gates if they are suitable and strong enough. Call us for further information.

Benefit of Automation

  • Keep Children & pets safe
  • Prevent Intruder Entry
  • Enhance your property appearance

Security & Convenience

Open and close your automatic gates in all weathers from the comfort and security of your car or house with a pocket size transmitter. Be confident that your gate can be positively locked closed, either as a function of the gate operator or with the addition of an electric lock on larger swing gates.


Electrogate will specify and install various safety features to suit your operating requirements

  • Safety Photocells at the pillars and at the extremity of the opening circle for swing gates, to prevent gates closing on an obstruction.
  • Additional safety edges available for Swing and Sliding gates.

Swing Gates Underground Operators

Swing Gates Underground Operators

The underground operator for each gate leaf is contained in a secure steel foundation box, concreted into the ground at the base of each pillar or post. The system is unobtrusive and visually very tidy, all that shows is the steel lid. Normally these operators will open the gates to 110° but can be converted to open up to 180°

Sliding Gates

  • Sliding Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are the most secure gates, they are also very useful where the drive rises up towards the house preventing the gates from opening, or where swing gates will reduce any potential parking spaces. For Tracked or Cantilever gates the Operator is sited behind the gate, to one side of the opening and moves the gate via a toothed track attached to the gate. Any gate designs can be configured as automated sliding gates.

Swing Gates Electromechanical / Hydraulic Arm Operators

Swing Gates Electromechanical / Hydraulic Arm Operators

The arm operators are trim and powerful and fit neatly onto the rear face of the gates, preferably mid way between the hinge pins for maximum power. The operators are easier to fit and cost less than Underground Systems. They are highly recommended where ground water drainage is a problem.

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